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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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About MIGS

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  1. Global Discovery of Gems & Minerals

  Based on the Mango International Gem Show, the film program of Global Discovery of Gems & Minerals is designed to connect gem-rich countries and professional resources so as to experience and represent the charm of global nature resources. 10-15 members are recruited across the globe (self-supporting) to set off on trips to Sri Lanka and Morocco in August and in September 2017 and make documentaries of these adventurous journeys.


  2. Mango Gem Designation and Craft Award

  The organizing committee will launch the Mango Gem Designation and Craft Award referring to industrial major jewelry awards.


  3. Geosciences Popularization Display

  An experimental-based learning is offered to visitors by means of interactive activities, videos and mineral-related products.


  4. New-Tech Display

  Innovative science and technology such as VR experience can be applied to the customer purchase experience on the show.


  5. Offline Experience

  The MIGS will cooperate with Happy Go (TV Shopping Channel) and renowned E-commerce jewelry brands to make the mode of “online invitation and offline purchase” accessible.


  6. Auction

  Top auction companies will be invited to participate in the MIGS to hold auctions of fine minerals, gems and fossils, etc., with a preview of the auction items provided.


  7. Publication

  Mineral-related books, audio and video products, as well as electronic publications.


  8. All-dimensional Live Streaming

  Combined with the exhibition contents and considerable media resources, the MIGS is aimed to forge a communication phenomenon.


  9. Joint exhibition Cooperation

  The MIGS seamlessly connects the Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition on 9-13, Nov 2017 and the Shenzhen Jewelry Exhibition in Dec 2017.


  10. Supporting Service

  Huanghua comprehensive bonded Trade Zone provides integrated customs affairs, bonded warehousing, logistics and other exhibition supporting services. Moreover, industrial service such as gemstone processing, display, transactions, international trade, and education are also equipped for MIGS.


  11. Powerful Media Resources

  The MIGS owns all-dimensional public promotion by Hunan Broadcasting System and professional media cooperated with Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China.

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