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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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Booths of the 3rd Changsha Show have been almost sold outExhibitors strongly request for opening outdoor tents
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  The booths of the 3rd China (Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show (hereinafter called The Changsha Show) are selling hot in Tucson.

  The Changsha Show team arranges booth layout according to the basic requirements of a standard international show. Booths are reasonably divided by the factors of exhibit types, mineral localities, cost performance, exhibitor groups, etc., together with Chinese people’s aesthetic preference and purchase habit. Till 6 p.m., February 8, 2015, the booths of the 3rd Changsha Show had been almost sold out.




  What are on the 1st floor:

  “Big Hits” will visit Changsha from Tucson; Dinosaur Party is coming!


  The first floor is an area to exhibit minerals, fossils and meteorites, the T-booths are the most popular ones (T-booths refer to the big raw space located in the front of the exhibition hall and exhibitors can design and decorate themselves.) Booths at a lower price such as deluxe booth and quality booth were also fully-booked already.

  Exhibitors from the mineral source countries such as Uruguay, Madagascar and Pakistan requested with a strong will to open outdoor tents for displaying more exhibits. Exhibits from these source countries are usually with the lowest price and good quality directly from the mines, moreover, having their own features from a specific locality, Chinese buyers will be able to experience totally a shopping spree.

  A Lebanese fossil dealer is introducing to the Changsha Show team finest Lebanese fish fossils.

  Dealers are proud to be exhibitors of the Changsha Show.


  On the 2015 Tucson Show, the exhibits brought by some top Brazilian exhibitors have really given the public very amazing impression. For the 2015 Changsha Show, of which the theme this year is “The Story of Latin America”, these exhibitors will again take their “superstars” and for the first time come to China, replaying this amazing experience specially to the Chinese public.

  Renowned German collector Mr. Burkhad Pohl, the owner of the famous exhibit Archaeopteryx on the 1st Changsha Show in 2013, is confirmed to visit the 3rd Changsha Show, showing the latest technology of 3D Dinosaur Printing.

  The fully-expected opalized plesiosaur fossil, owned by the Australian collector Mr. Andrew Cody (the “Opal King”) will be presented at the 3rd Changsha Show, after a whole year’s waiting from the Chinese public.

  A dinosaur party is also coming for the 3rd Changsha Show, the fossils of another plesiosaur from USA, a 20-meter long libonectes from Morocco, and a dinosaur from Beijing will gather in the outdoor area of the exhibition venue to meet the curiosity and excitement of the Chinese public.

  Libonectes Fossil

  Plesiosaur Fossil



  What are on the 2nd floor:

  Three new foreign exhibitor groups joined; Some other groups were declined for the sake of presenting better quality of the show.


  The Korean exhibitor group will bring the most fashionable jewelry!

  The Taiwanese group pays attention to the aesthetic preference of Chinese customers, offering delicate and high quality jewelry which are very popular. There will be 120 booths for the Taiwanese group in 2015, doubling their booth quantity in 2014.

  Southeast Asia is one of the top localities of minerals in the world, exhibitor groups from these countries (for example, India, Myanmar, Thailand) will bring all kinds of top rough stones, semi-precious stones and jewelry to Chinese public with the most bottom prices!

  As the quantity of overall booths is somehow limited, to ensure a high quality exhibition with various exhibits, the organizer of the Changsha Show had to decline part of the participation including some exhibitor groups from ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and Jinan in China, as well as rock crystal dealers from Donghai and Yiwu in China. Only few top dealers from these areas with finest specimens were accepted.

  The situation of booths in Changsha Show has totally changed this year. For the 1st and 2nd Show, the Changsha Show team endeavored to invite lots of exhibitors to take part in the show, but for the 3rd show this year, booths were early sold to old and interested new exhibitors. The organizing team now moves to the next step of doing more work to perfect the exhibiting experience. Focusing on exhibition quality rather than booth quantity, and maintaining old and new exhibitors heartedly, is the goal of the organizing team, for a better and better Changsha Show for us all.






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