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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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Cancellation of the 3rd China (Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show
Sourcefrom:CMGS     Author:    Date:2015-03-11    ViewNum: Typeface:【B M S

  Distinguished all CMGS associates,

  China (Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show – short named as CMGS or Changsha Show - had been held successfully in Changsha in the past two years and has drawn a great quantity of recognition and approval worldwide. It is a result of joint efforts and supports from all stone-lovers worldwide, all related government departments here and Chinese public. Hereby, from the organizing committee office of the Changsha Show, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to every single one of you.

  However, we are extremely regretted to inform that, as a final result determined and announced by the Hunan Provincial Government on its 45th General Meeting on Feb. 10, 2015, the 3rd Changsha Show in 2015 has to be canceled, in order to make place for the Chenzhou Show, which is another city in Hunan, famous of its rich mineral resource. The Changsha Show will continue in 2016, according to the decision of the governor.

  We, as the planner and implementer of the Changsha Show since the very beginning, have made the biggest possible endeavor to persuade the government to have another consideration, as the Changsha Show was only just entering its stable progress, unfortunately unsuccessful. We are truly sorry for this result, also for the loss and inconveniences this may cause you.

  Currently, we are organizing and looking for a resolution on an urgent basis. While we are applying to the Provincial Government for the settlement of all possible issues brought up by the cancellation of the 2015 Changsha Show, we are also finalizing the fixed plan about the 2016 Changsha Show. Exhibitors who have booth fees already pre-paid for the 2015 Changsha Show can apply for full refund or transfer the payment to the use in the 2016 Changsha Show.

  We would like to once again express our sincerest apology about this “big change”, and we will continue to serve you with our full commitment, to resolve all the settling and logistic issues.

  We thank all of you for your great support to the CMGS Show, and we sincerely hope to have you care and cherish this platform continually.

  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries, we will take care of all questions individually and seriously.

  Yours Sincerely,

  China Mineral & Gem Exhibition (Hunan) Co., Ltd.






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