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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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Preparatory Meeting of the 8th International Conference on Mineralogy and Museums (M&M8) was Held in Changsha on May 29th, 2015
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  On May 29th, 2015, over 20 known mineral professionals in China including Mr. Anhuai Lu, councilor of International Mineralogical Association (IMA) and president of Geosciences Institute of Central South University; Ms Jianhui Cai, Chinese representative of the Commission of New Minerals Nomenclature and Classification of IMA (IMA-CNMNC) and researcher of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences; Mr. Liangfeng Yang, Chinese representative of the Commission of Museums of IMA (IMA-CM) and director of Technology and Foreign Affairs Department of the Geological Museum of China; Ms. Petra Bach, curator of the Stephen Hui Geological Museum of Hong Kong University gathered in Changsha, and had an one-day meeting discussing how to prepare the M&M8 conference to be held in Changsha in May 2016.



  The 1st M&M conference was held in 1988. Organized by IMA, a very authoritative organization in the mineral field and affiliated to United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the M&M conference, taking place every 4 years a time, is a highest-level academic communication occasion in the mineral and museum fields. Delegates invited to the conference are all senior researchers from across the world.Before M&M8. The past 7 M&M conferences were all held in developed countries, mostly in Europe and America.

  Following is the venue information of all M&M conferences:

  M&M1, 1988, London, Britain

  M&M2, 1992, Toronto, Canada

  M&M3, 1996, Budapest, Hungary

  M&M4, Melbourne, Australia

  M&M5, Paris, France

  M&M6, Denver, USA

  M&M7, Dresden, Germany

  M&M8, Changsha, China



  In early 2013, the CMGS team started to co-organize high-level international academic communication events in the mineral field, and M&M conference soon became the first decision. In May 2014, on the Summit Forum of the 2nd CMGS Show, witnessed by Chinese government officials and international professionals in the mineral field, the CMGS organizing committee office submitted to IMA the application of hosting M&M8 in 2016. In September 2014, the Chinese M&M8 application group attended the 21st general conference of IMA in Johannesburg, South Africa, made a formal application and competed with a rival, the Japanese group, which had made a 2-year preparation for this application. After a voting on the conference and an one-month online voting, on October 24, 2014, Mr. Federico Pezzotta, the chairman of the Commission on Museums of IMA (IMA-CM) officially announced on the Munich mineral & fossil show the voting result that the 2016 M&M8 conference would be hosted in Changsha, China.

  On the meeting of May 25th, 2015, the delegates discussed specific M&M8 issues including the set-up of organizing and implementing parties, and supporting organizations; as well as establishing the advising committee, organizing committee, and academic committee of M&M8. In this meeting, delegates nominated suggested chairmen and members for M&M8 committees, and confirmed that the first M&M8 circular and the M&M8 official website should be ready in late June, 2015. Delegates also made heated discussion on confirming topics for M&M8 speakers in the scientific sessions, which is the key section for an M&M conference, especially for China who wants to present a different M&M.

  M&M8 conference will be held in Changsha during May 17-19, 2016, and the 4th CMGS Show will be held during May 19-23, 2016 in Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center in Changsha. The two events will be held together and lasts 7 days for mineral professionals and lovers from all over the world. During this time, Changsha will be the focus of the mineral world and all peers will be looking forward to come.






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