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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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  Application for Invitation Letter


  If you want to get an invitation letter from the CMGS organizing committee for the purpose of getting Chinese visa, since there are different visa policies for different countries, to ensure enough time for your visa application, please contact the CMGS office to get the invitation letter no later than end February, 2015, and notice the following issues:


  1. There are two kinds of invitation letters: 1) invitation letter issued by the CMGS organizing committee; 2) invitation letter issued by the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hunan Province. Please check with the Chinese Embassy in your country to see which one is the needed invitation letter for your visa application. The latter usually takes more than a week to issue.


  2. If you need the original invitation letter, please take into consideration the needed time for delivery so as not to delay your visa application. You will have to cover the delivery cost yourself.


  3. If you need the original invitation letter, please write your mailing address in the email of requiring for an invitation letter, attached with the applicant’s passport copy, as well as the TEXT of your full name, gender, nationality, date of birth, passport No., and passport issue & expiration date.


  4. For contact at the CMGS organizing committee:

  Mr. Guillaume Ou

  Email: info@changsha-show.com




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